‘The concept of automatic pilot is very relevant to people who stammer, as stammering and speaking in general is something that we tend to do whilst in automatic pilot mode. Becoming more non-judgementally aware of our automatic patterns leads the way to us being able to make more conscious choices about changing them, e.g. applying techniques or not avoiding.’

The above quote is taken from an account written by an attendee at a mindfulness meditation course for stammering/stuttering run by Carolyn Cheasman at City Lit in London. You can read it in its entirety on The British Stammering Association website.

Katsushika Hokusai Art 101



‘Stutterers who want to speak fluently should learn to stutter well.’

I came across this great quote in the notes of a lecture delivered by¬†Andreas Starke, a speech and language pathologist. I’m not sure who first said it but, as Andreas notes, it sums up the approaches of individuals such as Charles Van Riper. It also ties in nicely with some of the ideas I discussed in my previous post about Ellen-Marie Silverman’s book on stuttering and mindfulness.

You can find the notes on his lecture, entitled ‘Zen and the Art of Stuttering Therapy’,¬†here.