SLPs/SLTs who stutter

I’ve started a pinterest board of Speech and Language Pathologists / Therapists who stutter. I made it partly to motivate myself (as I’m training to be an SLT and I stutter) and to encourage anyone who has thought about it but been put off by their own difficulties with fluency.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 10.24.20

Click above to have a look

It might seem paradoxical but, really, who is going to understand the impact of stuttering on your life better than someone who has lived with it and who has personal experience of the techniques and approaches you’ll be exploring in therapy?

Let me know if you know of other SLPs/SLTs who stutter (or if you are one!) and I will update the board.


6 thoughts on “SLPs/SLTs who stutter

  1. Thanks for getting in touch Ellen-Marie! I will update the picture now. Am looking forward to reading the new book.

    You may have seen it already but there was a review of ‘Mindfulness and Stuttering’ by Carolyn Cheasman (along with the short review that I posted on this blog) in the most recent edition of Speaking Out (the newsletter of the British Stammering Association). Page 23 of this pdf:


    • Thank-you, Oli, for adding the pic – hope it’s not too much trouble. And, “Yes,” I did read Carolyn Cheasman’s thoughtful review of “Mindfulness & Stuttering: Using Eastern Strategies to Speak with Greater Ease” in the current (12/2013) issue of “Speaking Out.” It was quite lovely in its thoroughness and endorsement by someone who knows the process from the inside out, so-to-speak. – Ellen-Marie

  2. Hi – found my way to your blog through a share Ellen-Marie made on Facebook. Great stuff. Thanks for including my blog/podcast on your Pinterest Board.
    Wondering if you’d like to be a guest on the podcast and share your story.

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