Book Review: Mindfulness & Stuttering

Pam Mertz reviews ‘Mindfulness and Stuttering’ by Ellen-Marie SIlverman…

Make Room For The Stuttering

I recently read Ellen-Marie Silverman’s book Mindfulness & Stuttering: Using Eastern Strategies to Speak with Greater Ease. To put it simply, this is a book about change. A good book about change!

Silverman introduces how mindfulness can help us reduce the fear we associate with stuttering (or always have.) Reducing the fear of stuttering allows us to speak with less struggle, even if we stutter as we speak.

Silverman offers a clear and simple definition of mindfulness. She offers that mindfulness is a process of attending calmly, without judgement, to what we are thinking, feeling and doing in the moment.

“The more mindful we become by attending to what is rather than anticipating what might be or regretting what was, the more capable we are of creating the change we want.”  In the case of stuttering, that change is to speak with less struggle, less tension and, as…

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Mindfulness Podcast on Make Room For The Stuttering

I recently did an interview with Pam Mertz over at her excellent blog ‘Make Room for the Stuttering’. We talk about stuttering, training to be a speech and language therapist and mindfulness. You can listen here:
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