Barry Guitar on Mindfulness and Stuttering

barry guitar

I came across a brief presentation by well-known specialist Barry Guitar (who I believe is himself a person who stutters) on mindfulness and stuttering. It ends with some personal reflections, which I thought were helpful:

  • Mindfulness meditation is best as a daily practice.
  • Meditation provides an experience of feeling time slow down. [It] enhances a sense of calmness.
  • [A mindful approach to stuttering can mean that you welcome opportunities] to stutter so that you can observe it and work with feelings and behaviours associated with it.

SLPs/SLTs who stutter

I’ve started a pinterest board of Speech and Language Pathologists / Therapists who stutter. I made it partly to motivate myself (as I’m training to be an SLT and I stutter) and to encourage anyone who has thought about it but been put off by their own difficulties with fluency.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 10.24.20

Click above to have a look

It might seem paradoxical but, really, who is going to understand the impact of stuttering on your life better than someone who has lived with it and who has personal experience of the techniques and approaches you’ll be exploring in therapy?

Let me know if you know of other SLPs/SLTs who stutter (or if you are one!) and I will update the board.